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Whether you’re on vacation, traveling for business, work from home, or just don’t like leaving your bestie at home all day, leave them with someone who truly loves animals. We are at your service!

As well as offering specialized pet care, we bring you total peace of mind.

As one of the highest ranking pet care companies in Denver, Fido's Day Out believes that pet fitness, love, and interaction are just as important for your pets as it  is for we humans. Our dog walking and pet sitting services will provide you with more flexibility in your schedule and more love and attention for your bestie.

So whether you need to work those long hours or meet up with friends after work, our pet care

services will provide you complete peace of mind. 

Please check our Service Area Map before filling out the contact form to make sure you reside within our service area. 

We have had so many fantastic fur balls join our family over the years and we can't wait for your bestie to join the Fido's Family too!  Contact Us Today for Your Complimentary Meet and Greet consultation.